1. Indian mobile payment just added on for trading. We still have 0% fees when trading in Indian Rupees!

  2. WeChat Pay payment option is added to trade on ! For CNY, IND, NGN trades we have currently 0% escrow fee!

  3. Cool new feature! Limit your offer only to specific countries!

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  4. Create offers with specific amounts you want, like 25, 50 and 100 dollars! Very useful for buying with specific denominations!

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  5. We are updating website for better scalability, we will be back shortly.

  6. We are promoting bitcoin globally and have 0% vendor fees for all offers in Nairas, Indian Rupees and Yuan! is taking over!

  7. To protect further our users we are enabling geolocation lock. If you log-in from new location, you have to approve it over email!

  8. The network ,the blockchain, is now congested. it may take well over 4 hours for 3 confirmations. We cannot control this. Sorry :(

  9. Any Chinese speaking 'ers out there care to help us translate a landing page? Paid gig. A+ Chinese and English Please

  10. Any who have a bank account there and to sell you can make over 50% for naira. Msg us for detaiils! is our 2nd!